Write to HEAL


Writing is no stranger to therapy as stated by American Psychological Association . In the world of technology evolving, human highly exposed to stress condition. One of very effective way to release our stress is by writing what we think, read what we say. It is normal that people love to keep their problem within their self especially when it comes to very personal matter and something that they embarrass. There are people who tend to lock themselves, away from public. These group of people are usually undergo an extreme grieving moment, who lost their trust on people and prefer not to rely on others except one self. They are usually hopeless and kind of waiting for a big wave to hit them and pull them away from where they are standing. Of course talking to people is one of the key of a door that lead us to a peace mind. To do so, one self require a solid courage to let it out. Perhaps, sometimes, it also lead us to more stressful situation when you tend to loss confidence to face public or it turns out that you told your problem to an irresponsible person.

No one wants to be alone, but they do not have the courage.

No one love the pain but that is the nature of living. There is always ups and down.

Every living organism require recovery time to heal the pain and a booster to speed up the recovery process. By writing our thought and feeling about the painful experience enable to speed up our emotions, mental and physical recovery.

Writing is the unspoken voice that can lead us to a happier and positive mind. Escape from the emotional upheaval. Because silence is a heavy weight to carry. Frozen in fear, mad.

Writing to heal empower the lost soul to return. Lost in sanity.

Write hard and clear about what hurts. 

 -Ernest Hemingway

Journaling your thoughts and feelings out onto paper will help you let go of bottled up anger.

      -MARRY DeYon-


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