As I in 2 years long of my devastating moment in my life. I laugh and cry the same time. MISERY..a word that expressed my situation. As I kind of standing at the edge of cliff, will fall only by a wind blow and die. Only depends on my feet rooted to the ground, my very last energy to hold my self on top.

Silent. Is the way I keep it. Put on an a show so that people would not see. ‘I’m STRONG & STRONGER’ is my mantra. Chanted every second but my health still affected. Then I realized, I am dying inside.  PSYcHOLOGY is the key to a change. A better change or a worse change. I have to heal what has been broken. What has been broken? I don’t know what is it and what I think until then I write. Surprisingly by wrote it I read what I say.

That is why people said that WRITING IS NO STRANGER TO THERAPY & WRITE to HEAL. It let our voice be heard. That is what I have been doing. So that all the pain will heal. When your soul speaks;writing is a path o healing.

Write hard and clear about what hurts.Ernest Hemingway

                 Use the power of writing to heal the past and create life you want….

                                                                                                            – CHRISTINA CHRISTOU